VinczeSwiss – freeware program for pairing by the Swiss-system

As for (chess) tournaments with swiss system, many computer programs are paid.
That’s why I decided to create a free program.

 program name  VinczeSwiss
 author  Ing. Roman Vincze   (e-mail:
 program purpose pairing program for chess tournaments with swiss system
 (and not only for chess tournaments!)
 program version  1.12
 build version  1.12.010
 license  freeware
 price  –
 for operating systems  Microsoft Windows
 Linux (using Wine)
 language support  Czech
 English  (since 24.12.2019)
 German  (since 29.2.2020)
 Italian  (since 29.2.2020)
 Russian  (since 9.9.2020)
 Slovak  (since 29.10.2020)
 Spanish  (since 30.11.2020)
 Vietnamese  (since 8.8.2023)
 Hungarian  (since 10.9.2023)
 download  (727 kB)

Some program features:

  • The VinczeSwiss program has been developed in Delphi 5 Professional.
  • The VinczeSwiss program is not (for now?) FIDE certified, but can be used now for tournaments without sending to ELO.
  • The VinczeSwiss program has its own (recursive) pairing function, but can also use the external pairing engine JaVaFo.jar.
    When using JaVaFo.jar, the VinczeSwiss program is fully compatible with FIDE pairing rules!
  • The VinczeSwiss program supports importing and exporting TRF files. The TRF file format is described in the FIDE documentation.
  • The VinczeSwiss program allow accelerated pairings too.
  • Limits: The number of rounds is not limited. The number of players in tournament is limited to 2000. I can increase this value at any time (by recompiling the program), to any higher value (but then the program would have a slightly higher memory requirement and would be a bit slower).
  • There is no need to install the program (just unzip the file and run vinswiss.exe).
  • The VinczeSwiss program has reports (starting list, final ranking, …) in HTML format for easy publishing on the internet.
  • The VinczeSwiss program can also be used for non-chess tournaments (it is possible to turn on the (non-chess) field – score (goals / sets / hits)).
  • More information about the VinczeSwiss program is in the file english_documentation.htm (in package

If you like the program, you can also help:
The VinczeSwiss program is designed for easy adding of other languages. Language files are located in the Language subdirectory.
For example, if some Swede make translation of content of file english.txt into Swedish, then the program VinczeSwiss will communicate with users also in Swedish.
If this Swede sends me the above Swedish translation (as swedish.txt), that translation will be part of the next build of VinczeSwiss program.
Translation rules: It should be translated by native speaker of the language. He/She should be a chess player with knowledge of chess terminology.
Will you help?


  1. dear friend
    Is it possible to have the source code of the program in delphi or at least the Swiss algorithm written in delphi?

    drahý příteli
    Je možné mít zdrojový kód programu v delfách nebo alespoň švýcarský algoritmus napsaný v delfách?

    1. Now, VinczeSwiss is freeware. But I programmed it for (possibly in the future) to be open source. Everything inside the source code is in English (variable names, function names, programming commentary) and code is easy to read. The code has approximately 6500 lines – I’ve given it 218 hours of time so far.

      Once more: Now, VinczeSwiss is freeware. Not open source (now). But if you will translated english.txt into Italian (is Italian your native language?), then I will send you FormMain.pas – the main part of my program (including the recursive pairing function). As an inspiration.

      !!! notification !!!
      I can promise that German will be available in the VinczeSwiss program in a short time. The translation is performed by Thorsten Pfeilsticker. Translation of file english.txt to german.txt is done (Thorsten had already sent it to me), now I am waiting for translation of documentation en_documentation.htm (to German).

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